Dr. Eaton Refers His Patients to Dr. Bobst

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I’m Dr. James Eaton. I own a practice, Blue Creek Endodontics, in Meridian, Idaho. I refer to Dr. Bobst because I realize there are things out of my scope of practice. I’ve seen the work he’s done, and he is absolutely, in my opinion, one of the best oral surgeons around. I see a lot of root canal treatments, some of which have not responded favorably. Dr. Bobst is my first line of defense. I send them straight to him, and Dr. Bobst takes care of the patient and takes great care of the tooth for me. And so with the patient in mind, if they’re receiving the best treatment possible, it would be better to send them to someone else who is the best at what they do. When patients return to my office from seeing Dr. Bobst at follow-up, they typically say that they had a very enjoyable experience and that Dr. Bobst and his whole office and staff were not only great doctors in offering treatment but good friends.

--Dr. Eaton