Dr. Herzog Refers Patients for Oral Surgery

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My name is Dr. Jeff Herzog. I’m a general dentist here in Boise, and my practice is located pretty close to here. It’s Water’s Edge Dental. I refer my patients to Dr. Bobst’s office for procedures such as implants, wisdom teeth removal, and just regular removal of teeth.
Him and his staff are always very kind to my staff as well as my patients. Patients always come back raving about what a good oral surgeon he is, how nice the facilities are, and how well the liked the experience.
So a lot of cases Dr. Bobst and I work very closely together. For example, if a patient needs an implant or something like that, we will talk before any procedures are done about that patient, Dr. Bobst and I, about what the end result we would like to see as well as what we need from him and myself and kind of work as a team. And I think that’s really good when the two doctors can communicate like that because it’s going to give the patient a much better result in the end.

--Dr. Herzog