Dr. Steinberg Refers Patients for Oral Surgery

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Hi there, my name is Dr. Ann Steinberg, and I own Affordable Dentures, Boise. I refer to Dr. Bobst because I know when I send a patient here, he’s going to treat them like family. For me, I am only as good as the people I send my patients to, and I want to make sure that I keep my reputation where it is.
I refer any kind of unusual case to Scott’s way. I know that the patients can come here, be comfortable, get it done in one shot. And if they need sedation, I know that he can take care of that for them. And we work a lot together on doing dentures as well as extractions so it’s really nice to be able to trust another dentist to deliver a denture that I’ve made.
Dr. Bobst is amazing. I am very lucky I have someone like him in my community that I not only can call a colleague, but a friend. And to have a provider that you feel comfortable referring your patients to, knowing you’re going to get the job done, it is going to be here right, is very important. And I feel 100% confident referring my patients here.

--Dr. Steinberg