Dr. Taylor Refers Patients to Dr. Bobst

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I’m Dr. Brandon Taylor. I own Boise Smile Design and Taylor Family Dentistry. I’ve referred to this practice for about thirteen or fourteen years and been really happy with the services they provided. They have taken great care of my patients and been a great asset to our team to provide the care we want to our patients. We’ve had a great working relationship with Dr. Bobst and his staff. To be able to seamlessly care for our patients, sometimes it's difficult when you’re trying to send your patients to some place that they’re not comfortable with. The fact that his office just steps right in and just has the seamless transition as we send our patients over, make them feel right at home and have taken great care of them, especially when we’re doing and referring them to get hard things done, things that maybe aren’t real exciting to look forward to, his office has just done a magnificent job in taking care of our patients. They love Dr. Bobst. At times, even I am glad he is not a general dentist or a cosmetic dentist that might take business away because he’s so good with them.

--Dr. Taylor