Dr. Bobst Extracted Jessica’s Wisdom Teeth

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Hi, I'm Jessica, and I'm from Boise, Idaho. I needed to have my wisdom teeth pulled. Well, my dentist for years had been telling me to have them taken out, and so finally I just decided that it was time.
I was nervous about the pain level and the anesthesia obviously. I've never had been under like that so…
Dr. Bobst office was amazing; from the moment I stepped in their door, I felt totally relaxed. I can't even say enough about them. They're just always have been so great to me and my family.
So the procedure went well. It went really fast, I think. He called to make sure was okay, made sure my mouth was healing like I thought it should be, reassured me that everything was good and that it was normal.
I recommend him to everyone. Every dentist office I go to, I recommend him. I think they're absolutely amazing. They're almost like a family, and they're just so friendly.