Jevon’s Wisdom Teeth Extractions

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My name is Jevon. I'm from Middleton, Idaho. Well, after a routine dentist visit, my dentist suggested I have my wisdom teeth removed. I was a little bit nervous. I had never obviously had my wisdom teeth removed before so I was a little bit nervous about going under and having someone work on my mouth. Well, right away when I come in the office, since I was a little bit nervous, the staff was able to make me feel comfortable, and they were very friendly, and Dr. Bobst was even joking with me a little bit when I first came in. The procedure - I felt no pain, have no memory of even really being here other than when I first came here, so it was pretty easy, that part of it. After a week or so I was able to eat anything I wanted to, and almost all the soreness was gone. I would highly recommend Dr. Bobst and his staff to anybody that’s needing any type of oral surgery or especially for wisdom teeth removal. I can't recommend them high enough.