Gene Had His Oral Pathology Treated

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My name is Gene. I'm from McCall, Idaho. You know, since the first time we walked in the door, it was like you'd been there several times before — you'd been there forever. Extremely friendly people and we’d never met the doctor before, and we just seemed to connect. And he's just a very open, caring individual. He's interested in doing what you need to have done medically or dentally, but he's also interested in you as a person and your family. And I had some highly complicated — in fact, I'm still dealing with a little bit of it — cancer situations. And he's wanted to track that all the way along. And that's just the kind of thing that is a little bit rare these days. Usually, it's you're in and you're out, but the whole staff and Dr. Bobst have just been truly great to us. How many doctors, when you go to them, after they know they've completed the treatment that you're going to have and most likely won't see you again, say "Stop in and see us. We'd like to just know how you're doing"? That's about as classy as you can get, I think.