Dr. Bruce Refers His Patients to Dr. Bobst

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I'm Dr. Dan Bruce. I'm a general dentist. So I like to refer Dr. Bobst for a number of reasons. He has a great rapport with patients, so I think when you go to have a tooth extracted or have an implant placed or something, I think patients have a lot of anxiety with that, but Dr. Bobst is really good at making them feel at ease, and so I’ve had nothing but good reports from patients that come back from him. Then also, just as far as keeping up with technology and with the latest techniques, he's always on top of that. And finally, he's just right down the street so we can get together and talk about cases, so it makes it really easy for that. I think working in a team-based approach benefits the patient because you can really plan the case out in advance. Some of these more complex cases require thinking months down the road. The staff has been very kind to them and helps them feel at ease with the procedure, and I have had no problems and feel very confident referring Dr. Bobst. Working with Dr. Bobst has been great for both my patients and myself.

--Dr. Bruce