Susan’s Son, Riley, Had a Jaw Reconstruction

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I'm, Susan, and this is Riley, and we're from right here in Bosie. Riley's jaw became dislocated, and it would not close. So his mouth was locked open for—well, he was in the ER for 3 days when Dr. Bobst showed up to take good care of Riley. And Riley took Dr. Bobst's hands and said, "Fix mouth, doctor; fix mouth." And Riley had a pretty complicated surgery, and Riley recovered very quickly and was off to Starbucks the next day. And Dr. Bobst just took wonderful care of him.
We've seen lots of specialists along the way and never have I met anyone as caring for a special needs patient as Riley. I mean Dr. Bobst was just--with kid gloves, he always approached Riley favorably, and Riley loved him from the very beginning.
If you have any type of dental surgery that you need that Dr. Bobst can take care of, he's the right man for the job.

--Susan & Riley