Welcome to the festive office of Dr. Jeffrey Scott Bobst, DDS, your trusted oral and maxillofacial surgeon in Boise, ID. This holiday season, we’re here to make your smile merry and bright. Dr. Bobst, a board-certified expert, and our compassionate team are ready to spread holiday cheer by addressing your unique oral health needs. Let us guide you through the winter wonderland of exceptional care at Boise Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center.

A Gift of Trust and Compassion:

As the snow falls and the holiday spirit fills the air, Boise Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center works diligently to build a foundation of trust with our patients. We understand that each person’s oral health needs are as unique as a snowflake. Dr. Bobst and our dedicated surgical staff work harmoniously to assess your needs, plan your treatment, and ensure a cozy post-operative recovery. Our goal is to make you feel at ease, especially during the holiday season when the stress of surgical procedures can weigh heavily.

Your Holiday Checklist for a Healthy Smile:

Dr. Bobst offers a delightful array of surgical services:

1. Wisdom Teeth Extraction: Start the new year with a fresh smile by entrusting us with the removal of problematic wisdom teeth.

2. Dental Implant Placement: Give yourself the gift of a complete smile with our top-tier dental implant procedures.

3. Bone Grafting: Ensure a strong foundation for dental implants with our bone grafting expertise, perfect for those who wish to savor their holiday treats without worry.

4. Oral Pathology Screening: Stay on Santa’s nice list by scheduling a thorough oral pathology screening to detect and treat potential issues early.

5. Facial Trauma Surgery: In case of any mishaps during winter activities, we’re here to restore your holiday joy with precise facial trauma surgery.

6. Corrective Jaw Surgery: Resolve jaw-related concerns with Dr. Bobst’s exceptional skills, ensuring you’re ready to feast during holiday gatherings.

Dreaming of Long-Term Oral Health:

At Boise Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center, we dream of providing you with long-term solutions to complex oral health problems. This holiday season, let us be your partner in achieving a healthier, happier smile. Your unique needs are our top priority, and we tailor our treatments to make your holiday season truly special.


This holiday season, let the festivities begin with Boise Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center, guided by Dr. Jeffrey Scott Bobst, DDS. Your trust, comfort, and well-being are at the heart of our mission. Whether it’s wisdom teeth extraction, dental implant placement, or any other oral surgery, let our skilled and compassionate team be your holiday heroes. Discover the magic of exceptional care and schedule your consultation today. ‘Tis the season for a healthy smile, and ’tis the season for Boise Oral Surgery!