Oral Surgery Procedures

Boise, Idaho

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a by-product of blood that is rich in a particular type of healing cell type called platelets. Previously, it was confined to a hospital setting. Now, oral surgeons can offer patients the opportunity to enhance their own healing process by using PRP to expedite healing and promote a safe and speedy recovery.

How can PRP help?

PRP works by encouraging your body to take advantage of the normal healing properties that exist within your blood. Your oral surgeon will extract a small blood sample from you, spin it in a centrifuge, and collect these special healing cells. Then, the cells will be directly administered to your surgical site.

Since the healing cells come from your own body, the risk of contamination or infection is almost nonexistent. This is also very safe, because Dr. Bobst has extensive training in working with needles and performing the steps necessary to utilize the remarkable healing abilities that PRP has to offer. PRP has a high concentration of platelets and growth factors and has been clinically proven to advance the healing process.

Benefits of PRP

Platelet-rich plasma offers many great benefits, because it:

  • Accelerates the healing process for a wide variety of procedures
  • Has little to no risk of disease transmission or contamination
  • Takes less than 20 minutes to centrifuge the blood sample and create your PRP
  • Takes the form of gel, which makes it easy to apply to your surgical site
  • Offers a natural and effective way to help with tissue regeneration and healing

To learn more about PRP and how it can benefit you during the healing process, contact our office in Boise, ID, to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bobst. We are happy to help.

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