wisdom teeth and everything you need to know

Wisdom teeth is a term thrown around a lot, especially if you’re a teen or young adult. Generally speaking, the removal of wisdom teeth is the last oral surgery people will receive prior to adulthood. However, many people ask what the purpose of this extraction is. Oral Surgery Associates has put together this guide to help you understand everything you need to know about wisdom teeth and their removal. 

What are Wisdom Teeth? 

Wisdom teeth are often referred to as the ‘third set of molars’ because they are at the very back of the mouth. In many cases, these teeth never emerge past the gum line. Although they may seem insignificant, these teeth can throw off your natural alignment, leading to problems such as an uneven bite, crooked teeth, and even forms of damage such as tooth decay or infection. They are called wisdom teeth because of the time in which they emerge, typically around ages 16-20, being the final teeth to emerge. The best way to determine if wisdom teeth removal is necessary is to visit a professional oral surgeon in your area. 

Wisdom Tooth Extraction 

By referral of a dentist, you will most likely end up with a professional oral surgeon to develop a plan for extraction. Patients are sedated, usually with anesthesia, and the tooth and bone are removed before the surgeon cleans and stitches the area. It can take several hours to perform this procedure, and patients must have someone to drive them home following the procedure. 

Following Surgery, your doctor will prescribe pain medication as needed and give you instructions for adequate aftercare. It’s recommended that you only take medication as needed and dispose of it properly when it is no longer needed. Patients will also be advised to rest for 24 hours after surgery, when pain, swelling, and bleeding is most common. You must also refrain from brushing teeth during that time, instead rinsing your mouth with warm salt water so as not to disturb the extraction site. 

Consult with a Professional Today 

Oral Surgery Associates of Omaha is happy to meet and discuss whether wisdom teeth removal is needed. If you are experiencing pain, crooked teeth, or an uneven bite, wisdom teeth removal may be necessary. Neglecting this procedure may lead to worsened symptoms later on. Contact us today and schedule an appointment.