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When it comes to wisdom teeth, much of the focus understandably centers on the act of getting them removed first and foremost. But wisdom teeth removal is not just about the initial oral surgery. What happens afterward is just as important.

How to Take Care of Yourself While Recovering From Wisdom Teeth Surgery

If you never give yourself enough time to heal, then you’ll never fully recover. Post-operative care for wisdom teeth removal is very important to getting your mouth healthy and avoiding any possible complications. For the first couple of days after your surgery, you need to rest as much as you can and stay away from any activity that could dislodge blood clots or stitches. If this happens, then you’ll be at risk of developing something called a dry socket, which leaves nerves and bones in the wound holes exposed and is very painful. Examples of such activities are:

  • Exercising
  • Smoking
  • Drinking from a straw

There are a number of things you can do to take care of yourself such as:

  • Bite down on a gauze pad to deal with the bleeding and oozing that is common after wisdom teeth are removed
  • Using an ice pack on your face
  • Take medications that your dentist recommends once the effect of the anesthesia begins to wane
  • Start rinsing your mouth out with salt water the day after surgery. Don’t spit the water out when you rinse, just tip your mouth over the sink and let the water fall out.
  • Brush your teeth very gently
  • Foods to Eat

    You might not have the biggest appetite while taking medicines and actively bleeding, but staying hydrated and well-fed is a must. For the first few days post-surgery, only eat soft foods that don’t require a lot of chewing or interfere with blood clots or stitches. Foods that are safe during this time include:

    • Mashed potatoes
    • Soup
    • Cottage cheese
    • Apple sauce
    • Pudding
    • Smoothies

    Foods to Avoid

    Some of the foods you shouldn’t eat until you’re healed are:

    • Extremely hot or acidic foods that can burn the site of the surgery
    • Foods that could get stuck in the hole where your wisdom teeth used to be, such as rice, nuts, or seeds
    • Anything crunchy

    A Post-Operative Plan with Boise Oral Surgery

    When it comes to oral surgery, you should only go to a surgeon that you trust. Dr. Bobst at Boise Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Center is worthy of that trust. Don’t just take it from us. Here are some testimonials from people who have undergone wisdom teeth surgery at our clinic.

    Taking care of yourself at home is a must. At Boise Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Center, we’re dedicated to providing you a step-by-step plan from start to beginning, including specific post-operative instructions.

    If you have any questions you need to ask or would like to request an appointment, feel free to reach out through our contact page. We’re here to help.