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One of the reasons people visit dental clinics is to seek solutions owing to painful, misaligned, and extra-sensitive teeth. As per experts, the eruption of wisdom teeth can not only cause pain but also misalignment of adjacent teeth. This is so because as wisdom teeth grow, they push other teeth to create space to accommodate their increasing size.

Factors Affecting Wisdom Teeth Removal Costs

The costs of extracting wisdom teeth vary from one patient to the other. This is basically dependent on a number of factors.

The Extraction Method

The amount you’ll pay to have your wisdom tooth removed will be determined by the tooth extraction method. According to wisdom teeth removal specialists, it requires more expensive supplies and tools to extract an impacted wisdom tooth compared to an erupted one. For instance, in extracting an impacted tooth, dental surgeons will need surgical drills and medicated dressings, which may add to the service cost.

Type of Anesthesia

The anesthesia used to streamline the extraction process also impacts the service cost. General anesthesia requires a certain level of professionalism to administer and may cost a dental clinic more, translating to higher service costs. For sedation, expert administration and specialized monitoring is needed and if your wisdom tooth removal will involve sedation, you may have to pay more.

Type of Dental Specialist

Oral surgeons take years of training and certification to earn their credentials. Additionally, the quality of services they provide are specialized and customized to the unique needs of the patient.

What is the Average Cost of Removing Wisdom Teeth?

If all the above factors are taken into consideration, it would cost you about $200 to $1000 to have your erupted wisdom teeth removed. The cost of removing impacted wisdom teeth will be slightly higher. You’ll likely be charged an amount between $350 and $1400.

The cost of removing your wisdom teeth truly depends on your situation and insurance coverage. During your initial assessment the team at Boise Oral Surgery will be able to discuss your best route for removal as well as payment options and insurance coverage.

So, Will My Insurance Plan Cover For the Costs of Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Not all Insurance companies offer benefits for dental surgeries. Dr. Bobst is a contracted provider for Blue Cross of Idaho, Delta Dental, and Met Life. If you are not a member of any of these plans, our team can help you submit any fees to your particular insurance.

We are happy to work with you to maximize your insurance reimbursement for covered procedures. For more information, about insurance coverage and payments through Boise Oral Surgery, feel free to contact our office.